Corporate Wellness

At Human 2.0, it is our goal to help everyone live a better, healthier, more mobile life. We believe that we can also help your business run more efficiently by keeping your employees healthy and productive. People who perform repetitive tasks are particularly at risk for injury unless some sort of precautionary measure is taken. Our specialized classes and workshops will help your employees to become more fit, more focused and more resistant to injury.

Whether your employees sit at their desk all day, stand at an assembly line, or do labour intensive activity, our programs will provide strength and conditioning benefits, and will offer protection against several classically vulnerable areas – back, shoulders, hips, and knees.

Under our expert guidance, your employees will function better and will be less likely to require time off for sick leave. We offer corporate rates on physio and memberships at our facility, but we also offer workshops and seminars at your location.

In our workshop called “SITTING DISEASE: Why You MUST Change The Way You Work” Dr. Chris Raynor – orthopaedic surgeon, sports medicine specialist – delivers the scientific facts on this new age phenomenon, and gives people (in this case those in the workplace) the tools they need to live healthier, more mobile, more productive lives.

These sessions include a lecture (which typically lasts around 40 min and is a power point presentation with medical/scientific data and background) and an active component (whatever time is left is devoted to teaching simple movements appropriate for any workplace).

As an alternative, you could opt for our Sitting Disease Practical Workshop which includes a handout summarizing the important points of the medical lecture, access to a PDF of our Workplace Mobility Guide to distribute to your staff, and a one hour ACTIVE session at your location to review some of these exercises in person and go over the safety cues in detail with one of our qualified coaches. This is perfect for a LUNCH AND LEARN!

Price TBD based on requirements (starting at $350/hr + HST)
Please fill in the information below for further inquiries. 

You may also be interested in simply purchasing our WORKPLACE MOBILITY GUIDE for your own use, full of simple movements that your staff can do anywhere, anytime!