Physiotherapy at Human 2.0

NOW TAKING MVA (motor vehicle accident) cases for physio.

At Human 2.0, our physiotherapists – Jethro Constant, Sean Stoqua, and Tamarrah Jacobs, Kayley Walsh and Spencer Peters – all share the Human 2.0 vision of active rehabilitation – meaning that much of your treatment will involve you learning how to do a series of exercises that you will then be expected to do at home on your own.

They use treatments like acupuncture and ultrasound very sparingly.

Both Jethro and Tamarrah also have training in Adaptive Bodywork – a manual therapy during which the patient is an active participant. You can read more about it here. 

Our therapists have experience dealing with patients of all ages and ranges of ability and can provide service to all members of the population from your average Joe to elite athlete. We want to make “getting better” as accessible as possible for every person. And if you are an athlete, but looking for something a bit more demanding than general physiotherapy, ask us about our new Hybrid Physiotherapy program.

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