Human 2.0 Mobility Guide Cover

Human 2.0 8-Week Mobility Program

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Mobility as commonly defined, is strength through a full range of motion, not simply flexibility. This program as intended is to be an introductory guideline for assessing weaknesses in joints, developing physical awareness, and improving mobility deficits in the body. This manual is simply a map toward improving function and preventing injury. It is up to you to be purposeful and consistent in your practice. A resource list has been provided to assist you.

This program provides mobility training routines which are cycled through on a biweekly basis for the duration of the 8-week program. Programs may be progressed or regressed as is required with regard to reps, sets, and timings for particular exercises in order to address any ability level. Guidelines for a general and dynamic warm up that can  be done prior to each session are provided.

At the end of this manual you will find additional drills you can perform on your off time (ex. Watching tv) as well as a resource guide with videos/pictures of some exercises.