Hamstring Injury Prevention Workshop - Stop Pulling My Leg

Hamstring Injury Prevention Workshop - Stop Pulling My Leg

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“STOP PULLING MY LEG: A Comprehensive Approach To Hamstring Injury Prevention” taught by head Human 2.0 physiotherapist Jethro Constant. 

This webinar is for athletes of every level, and anyone interested in injury prevention training in general. The information presented is particularly important however for anyone participating in running/sprint-based activities.

COST: $34.99+HST

Topics will include:

  • anatomy
  • risk factors/causes of injury
  • mechanism of injury
  • hamstring health concepts
  • assessment
  • mobility training
  • proper warm-up and cool-down

This course is meant to keep your hamstrings healthy and injury-free. It consists of a PowerPoint presentation and audiovisual discussion that delves into all of the fine points of hamstring and posterior chain injuries, rehabilitation, and pre-habilitation.

The course material is supplemented with a series of videos that demonstrates all of the diagnostic tests, exercises, and activities that we use in our facility to assess and treat clients and patients with hamstring and posterior chain problems.

The in-house version of this course has been well received at our facility. However, those who are not able to travel have requested that we make the materials available online. We have listened to their requests, and this online version of the course is the result.