Kettlebell Workshop 1 (online)

Interested in learning the fundamentals of kettlebell training? We’ve got the perfect workshop for you! In KETTLEBELL WORKSHOP 1 you will go over some of the basic movements of kettlebell training with us, their finer points, regressions and progressions including the GOBLET SQUAT, PRESS, SWING, and the TURKISH GET UP.

This workshop is for anyone looking to learn more about kettlebells, from beginners to more advanced practitioners interested in polishing their skills.

WHO: Human 2.0 strength and mobility Coach Dan Jones
WHAT: 2 hours of virtual kettlebell education for $20+HST
WHEN: Anytime that is convenient
WHERE: Virtual workshop on Zoom
WHY: Because learning to move better is always a good thing
HOW: Sign up below and enjoy the class!